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Golden promises to understand your
environment better than our competitor.

Golden promises to deliver
the fastest and best fit talent.

Golden promises to leverage
technology for your business first.


Who we are           about

  Why us?

A world where people inspired technology conquers new horizons

To build a family of IT professionals who serve with a purpose to delight our clients and develop the world.
  • Family - a close knit relationship network of employees, contractors, & clients
  • IT professionals - passionate experts in business innovation
  • Serve with a purpose - an attitude and heart filled with Golden Values
  • Delight our clients - Go beyond customer expectations
  • Develop the world - To use their skills as developers to change the world

The Golden 10

                    Why Use Us
  • Focuses on your success first
  • We’re a WBE Certified IT Services Firm that is now one of the fastest growing in the Cincinnati area.

Our Track Record
  • 20 Years of experience in IT staffing
  • Outpaced large entrenched incumbents in several leading area employers
    • Fortune 20 retailer
    • Largest auto manufacturer
    • Top Fortune 100 insurance and investment firm
    • CPG Industry Leader
Our Commitment 
  • Your profitability and market share is why we exist. We realize our job is to make you successful first.
Our Approach
  • A unique staffing model leveraging the speed and quantity of a large sourcing team with the quality of skilled, tenured recruiters with many years of experience. You get a team and not just an individual. 


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Golden is the region’s most trusted IT solutions provider.
We have the dedicated focus and individual support to
deliver the speed, quality and innovation to our clients.

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